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Assessments w/ Reports & Plans

Dimensional Growth has developed an assessment model and technique that we call the "4P's of High Performance". This model and technique is a "Roadmap" to "Building-the-Bridge" from your organization's current state to a state of "High Performance."  We utilize our assessment model and technique at all levels of the organization focusing on people, processes, productivity and profitability.   

Assessments w/ Reports & Plans

The High Performance Organization (HPO) Assessment focuses off the four following four elements the people, processes, productivity and profitability of the organization. We assess these elements at all levels and in areas of the organization. A strategic plan is developed and includes an improvement plan along with next steps to help move your organization to a level of "High Performance"  

HPO Assessment 

The HPO assessment includes the elements of people, processes, productivity and profitability at all levels and areas of the organization. 

HPO Report

The HPO reports includes: Executive Summary, Assessment Details w/ Breakdown %, Human Capital and Operational Process Overview, S.W.O.T Analysis for all HPO elements, Conclusion w/ Recommendations and Next Steps 

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